Textile for Alexander McQueen 2015SS

2014年 Royal College of Artの修了製作”The New Value of WasteのテキスタイルデザインがAlexander McQueenの2015SSコレクションに採用される。生地のデザイン、生産にテキスタイルコンサルタントとして携わる。

プロジェクト:Textile for Alexander McQueen 2015SS
クライアント:Alexander McQueen
リリース:2014年 パリコレクションにて発表

The seasonal concept “Japan beauty” by Alexander McQueen is being expressed by utilizing the original techniques that were developed by myself.
My final project at Royal College of Art was selected by the textile director at Alexander McQueen with honor, and I was requested by the company to create the fabric for 2015SS in collaboration with the craft people in Kyoto, Japan.
In order to realize my challenging design ideas, the hard and demanding collaboration with the craft people in Kyoto were required, however I finally succeeded in inventing the special textile technique for the mass-production.

Project: Textile for Alexander McQueen 2015SS
Client:Alexander McQueen
Season:2014 at Paris collection

VOGUE Alexander McQueen 2015SS https://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/spring-2015-ready-to-wear/alexander-mcqueen

技法: 織 素材: 絹、ポリエステル/ Technique: Weave Material: Silk, Polyester

Alexander McQueen 2015SS
Alexander McQueen 2015SS
You can see the textiles 5:14 of this this video