HANA MITSUI textile collection


This project proposes to reborn overly-stock and disposed fabric in fashion industries by adding new design values to those.
I was deeply inspired by conventional Sakiori not just by its techniques, but by the deep cultural philosophy of the Sakiori.Sakiori is a technique that was created in the past when Japan was not as wealthy as it is today, when resources were so precious and were treated with care and reused over and over again.During those times, Japanese people cut old kimonos and reused them as weft threads, which were then woven into fabrics and used as Haori (over-coat) and Zabuton (cushions over wood-floor).
Through my textile designs, I would like to convey people around the world the way Japanese people treat things with care because she thinks this is the way of thinking that we should all remember in this era overflowing with things.
Being inspired by the Japanese traditional weaving techniques called SAKIORI and KASURIORI, I was able to accomplish new design expressions and to create new Textile Collections using my original SAKIORI TECHNIQUE. By disassembling printed fabric into threads and then weaving those threads together, the new woven structure can add the new expressions to the original un- used fabrics and can be reborn as a new fabric.


Technique: Weave, original technique
Material: Silk,Polyester,Cotton,Nylon