Textile for doublet 2023SS

2023S/S collection doublet へ生地を提供しました。

プロジェクト:doublet 2023SS
リリース:2023年6月 パリコレクションにて発表

Skin color woven fabric expressed by Original Sakiori
I was requested to design the fabric for the 2023SS Paris Collection by doublet. I was successful to manufacture the fabric using my ORIGINAL SAKIORI technique. The concept was to express the naked human by woven fabric, therefore I produced print fabric with naked skin pattern and the patterned fabric was processed to make threads that was woven into fabric by professional craft people.

Technique: Print,Weave
Material: Warp: Polyester Filament(transparent) / Weft: Polyester yarn
Thin and transparent Polyester filament was used for warp to make the presence minimum. By doing so, the charm of the weft that was made from the printed fabric stands out clearly. By strong weaving the weft density is being increased and the fabric become thick and dense.

Project:doublet 2023SS
Season:2023 June at Paris collection