Blurring effect by KURUME IKAT 久留米絣

SHIMOGAWA Creative Collaboration Project With HANA MITSUI


-Visual Illusion-

今回製作したテキスタイルコレクションのテーマは錯視です。 久留米絣の最大の魅力は製織の際に生じる繊細なよこ糸のずれの美しさにあります。

The theme of this textile collection is optical Illusion. One of the most notable charm of the Kurume Kasuri is the beauty caused by the subtle misalignment of the wefts in the process of the weaving. After discovering the visual similarity between Ikat threads misalignments and visual illusory effects, Hana Mitsui translated that into her new textile design collections.

1. Blurring Checker ブラーリングチェッカー

錯視効果により、柄がぶれているように見えるテキスタイルをデザインしました。絣の糸のズレの効果を印刷の版ズレ(color misalignment)でC M Yが見える現象に見立ててデザインしています。
絣織のタテ糸とヨコ糸でそれぞれ模様がつけられることを利用して、タテ糸にC M Y の色彩、ヨコ糸に錯視効果のあるピッチの異なる市松模様(checkered pattern)の柄をつけ、織り上げました。

I created the textile design that makes people sense that the pattern is blurred by the optical illusion.
Subtle shifts of the Ikat threads are re-translated into the new design as the misaligned prints cause blurring effect by the human optical nature. Utilizing the Kasuri weaving characteristics that warps and wefts could be dyed independently with different patterns, the warps were colored using CMY and the wefts were colored in checkered pattern in different pitches to create visual illusory effects and then they were woven together.

2. Colorful Moire カラフルモアレ


In this collection also, warps and wefts are being dyed independently and differently taking advantage of the Kasuri weaving characteristics. Warps are dyed with colorful stripes and wefts are dyed with serpentine patterns and then they were woven together to achieve moire effects.