Collaboration Project with TOYOTA TSUSHO

Collaboration with 近江上布、博多織


サスティナブルファッションEXPO 春 
西ホール (株)豊田通商様 ブース内にて発表

プロジェクト:サスティナブルファッションEXPO 春への展示のためのコラボレーション

SAKIORI upcycle project
Toyota Tsusho Corporation, one of the Toyota Group company requested me to design and create a fabric and to exhibit the product in the Sustainable Fashion Expo (the largest sustainable fabric exhibition in Japan) to draw visitors’ attentions. I was successful in creating designs and producing fabrics based on upcycling concept using my original Sakiori Technique. I carefully selected proficient craft people who can weave fabrics based on my design and my original technique developed for this exhibition and I visited their studio to give appropriate advices.

MATERIAL: Silk/Ultra fine Hemp
I created a fabric taking advantages of the Japanese traditional weaving techniques of Hakata-Ori and Omi-Jo-Fu fabric. Using recycled polyester 100% print fabric for the weft, for the warp in the case of Hakata-Ori I used silk thread and in the case of Omi-Jo-Fu fabric I used ultra fine Hemp. Using Hakata-Ori weave I was able to create a fabric that is both thick and durable usable for Bag fabrics. Using Omi-Jo-Fu fabric I created a fabric with a translucent quality assuming an appropriate use for shirts.

Project:Collaboration Project with TOYOTA TSUSHO
Client:Toyota Tsusho Corporation
Season:2022 April

(株)豊田通商様 リサイクルポリエステル生地と加工後の布糸

Collaboration with 近江上布



Collaboration with 博多織

博多織伝統工芸士 荒木希代様