Textile Designer /Lecturer at Tama Art University

光井 花

Hana Mitsui


Hana Mitsui is a textile designer who transforms Japanese traditional textiles into modern design to suit our current lifestyle.

1990年 アメリカ、コネチカット州生まれ。多摩美術大学生産デザイン学科テキスタイルデザイン専攻卒業。
イギリス、ロンドンにある大学院 Royal College of Artを修了後、Alexander McQueenに修了製作が採用され、2015SS パリコレクションにて自身の手掛けたテキスタイルを発表。帰国後は、株式会社イッセイミヤケにてテキスタイルのデザイン、バッグのデザインに7年程携わる。その後The North Faceの日本企画のデザインに携わりながら、フリーランスのテキスタイルデザイナーとして活動を開始。
2023年にHANA TEXTILE DESIGN STUDIO設立。現在は多摩美術大学生産デザイン学科テキスタイルデザイン専攻にて非常勤講師を務めながら服地だけではなく建築のアートワークなども手掛け、テキスタイルを軸に幅広く活動を行う。

Born in 1990 in Connecticut, USA. She completed her master’s degree at the Royal College of Art 2014 in London, England. While she was at Royal College of Art, the fabric she designed won the favor of Alexander McQueen and was used in their 2015SS collection. After returning to Japan, she was involved in textile designs and bag designs at ISSEY MIYAKE for 7 years, and then established Hana Textile Design Studio in Tokyo, Japan in 2023. Currently she is working as a visiting lecturer at Tama Art University’s Textile Design Department in addition to her own practice. She creates textile designs not only for garments industries but also for interior and architecture design fields.

2023~ Established HANA TEXTILE DESIGN STUDIO (Tokyo,Japan)
2023~ Parttime Lecturer at Tama Art University,Textile Department (Tokyo,Japan)
2022~2023, Working at The North Face Japan owned by GOLDWIN inc. as an Apparel designer (Tokyo,Japan)
2015-2021, Working at ISSEY MIYAKE as a Textile and Bag designer (Tokyo,Japan)
2014, Internship at NUNO (Tokyo,Japan)
2014, Working for Alexander McQueen’s 2015SS collection as a textile consultant for my textile design (London,England)
2014, Graduated Royal College of Art, MA Textiles (London,England)
2013, Working for MMtrend creating the concept of fashion color trend as a part of the design team (Copenhagen,Denmark)
2012, Graduated Tama Art University, BA Textile Design (Tokyo,Japan)
1990, Born in  New Haven,Connecticut,United States


  • Commendation award-woven fabric in any Fibre or Blend ,The Bradford Textile Society Design Competition
    Issued by The Bradford Textile Society , 2013 LONDON,U.K
  • Visionary Process Winner ,SUSTAIN RCA SHOW
    Issued by Royal College of Art , 2014 LONDON,U.K
  • Scholarship for outstanding students
    Issued by Tama Art University, 2011 TOKYO,Japan